Saturday, September 10, 2016

" Honda Wheel of fortune " Scheme offer 2073

Dealer Name :-   Rishi Ambika Trading 
Address         :-   Damak-10, Jhapa 
Contact         : -   Sales    023-585063
                             Spare   9842790514

" Honda wheel of fortune 2073 " Scheme started from effective date of 07.09.2016 - 06-11-2016 ''

Scheme special offer 

Sure Shot Scratch Coupon  :- On the purchase of every Honda motorcycle and scooter, you will get a cover scratched coupon provided by Honda sales representative. Each coupon reward you by promote to the winner of  Rs 4,000 To Rs 100,000 . Reward coupon which is above than Rs 10,000 will charged 25 % TDS by the rule of Nepal Government system. 

Weekly Bumper Scheme Facilities :-  Once you rewarded by Sure shot scratch coupon, Honda sales representative will register your Name, Address, Contact no, Purchased Model for Weekly Bumper Scheme by taking the picture of scratch coupon. and send it to head office email address , .   and if you are lucky winner for bumper draw , you will receive inform by call either message from head office, Syakar Trading Company Pvt. Ltd. , Kathmandu. .

16 Additional free service ( 4 Years coverage ) :-   We are please to give a Additional service pack for our customers. 16 additional service which is cover for 4 years ( 4 service each year ). and will get 10 % discount on spare parts for each service. ( Scheme surrounded ) 

Offer scheme is only apply for cash and finance customers. Any other exchange party couldn’t get any above mentioned commission or scheme facilities.

1 Pc  Studds helmet for each customer.